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More Power, Less Cost. No Code. No Compromises.

Push social media, website content, mobile pages, videos, alerts, events, rewards. Anything you select, to anyone you desire, from a single secure dashboard.

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What Makes Apptify So Different?

Apptify is custom developed product line of app tools, promotions, reporting and security that delivers Android and Apple mobile applications for private industry, education, transportation and government.

App Promotions

Mobile marketing is more and more important for an overall promotion strategy. Send your customers personalized messages and offers based on their purchase history. React to demand by using customer preference & in-app couponing.

Video Galleries

Your app Video Gallery features a clean, elegant interface, designed to let your videos do the talking. Integrate with Youtube, Vimeo or html5 to create a multi-channel video network.

Mobile Commerce

Known as next-generation e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access the Internet without needing to find a place to plugin. Your app will be useful to compare and shop your store, while anywhere.


Appointment Scheduler

Book appointments and make schedules on your app. Ideal for Clinics, Veterinarians, Service Industries Salons, Therapists, Spas, Chiropractors, Sport facilities rentals etc.

Push, Email & SMS Marketing

SMS & Push message marketing allows you to communicate with your app users, to drive engagement (and re-engagement) and purchase conversions. We can help create a plan based on your customers’ preferred mobile channels.

Full Tech Support & Training

Got questions? Our team can take product feedback about your app to make updates that can result in future business, without compromising the quality of customer service.

All Mobile Apps are not created equal.

Paying too much for too little, is nothing to be proud of.

Your Current Website
Will Work Perfectly In Our Mobile Platform

At the heart of it, we are a digital studio experienced a vast array of technologies in product development, mobile and visual design.

We know that you've got your own requirements and comfort zone. In most cases, it makes no sense to change that. Our commitment means we'll take a hard look at your systems, see through to the core functions and needs.

Maintain Your Brand

Matching colors, logos, fonts and themes, we leverage your corporate identity and repurpose it for use in the mobile context.

Integrate Your Current Content

Got a WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, X-cart, OpenCart or other website? We'll plug it right in, and sync the two together.

Maximize Prior Work

Customer lists, prospects and social media linkages are imported into the dashboard for use as mobile marketing.

Deliver a Native App Experience

Mobile is more secure, more stable and more visually exciting. We're award winners and experts. Welcome to the future.

App Downloads
Customer Campaigns
Years of Experience
Design Innovation Awards
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    Winning On The Mobile Platform

    Mobile moment: A term coined by Forrester Research that refers to a point in time when someone pulls out a mobile device to get what they want immediately.

    Mobile moments are the next battleground to win, serve, and retain customers, according to the report. An Apptify App takes your company to the mobile moment battleground.

    • The average person will spend nearly two-and-a-half hours on mobile apps per day
    • Mobile puts more buying power in consumer hands
    • 48% of all Internet time is spent on mobile
    • Mobile web browsing averages just under half an hour per day.
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  • We Create Mobile Apps That Are As Unique As Your Users.

    Few things have had such a profound effect on the way we live, work, play and socialize as mobile devices.

    Your users are unique, so your mobile application should be, too. In fact, since mobile consumers expect a curated and individualized experience,vwe build mobile apps and mobile marketing that is perfectly personalized for your customer and your business.

    Gone are the days of top-down communications, of intrusive ads and poorly designed customer campaigns. Today, we can leverage mobile with innovative trends and ideas like push, geotargeting and mobile couponing.

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    Without Apptify, building a mobile app requires a significant investment.

    In the beginning it was enough to have an app. It was, essentially, shiny new toy syndrome: you had an app, you were cool, your company was hip, and you were part of the new wave.

    (Remember this phase from the early days of the web as well.)

    But even today, many app developers are expecting to overcharge and under deliver, since most customers don't know the differences. At Apptify we say more power, less cost, no code and no compromises.

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Built It Online, And See It Everywhere.

You can edit your app, see reports, send alerts, run your business, manage your brand.
Like the pro's do, With no additional software needed.


Apptify Me App Design Gallery

We use design to turn concepts into cash registers, impressions into engagement and campaigns into concrete results.



It’s full service, full support, but far from full price. Hundreds of projects delivered over
nearly two decades has shown us ways to make efficient use of technology and budgets.

That efficiency means flexible designs, stable code, and reliable servers and secured content without headache or hassle.

From the most affordable to the most advanced, every Appture project gets 100% of the attention, at a fraction of the expense others charge. It’s not cheap for cheap’s sake. It’s priced to deliver the long term value oevery professional deserves regardless of their budget size or technology needs.  


    No two people are alike, why accept cookie cutter designs and half-way effort? We’re proud of our imaginations, you will be too.


    Value-seeking customers love to be rewarded for their loyalty, but hate to clutter their wallets. Mobile Loyalty to the rescue.


    Book an appointment, make a reservation, see your doctor. Then send a reminder ahead of time to confirm to both parties.


    Extensive analytics show app use, conversion, retention and ownership. Track downloads by platform, device and location.


    Move your event to mobile with optional interactive agenda, indoor maps, and customized logistics. Go virtual on your app, and stretch out in the comfort and safety of your phone.


    Instead of paying with cash, check, or credit cards, a consumer can use your mobile app to pay for a services and digital or hard goods.


    Social media is built in, so your followers can use your app to read, comment, share and forward from the app to all their own followers.


    Intelligently built, incredibly easy to use. Update of the app at any time. Add pages, update images, or promotions. You’re in control.


    Go ahead, promote your app. There’s no limit to the number of downloads and no extra charge for them on any platform.

See How Apptify Delivers on More Power, Lower Cost.

Click the player below and see for yourself why Apptify is the platform that is changing the way you buy mobile applications.

The math is obvious – if you’re not able to reach your audience through mobile apps or mobile websites, you lose against competitors who are.

A mobile user’s entire app journey can happen in a matter of moments — sometimes in less than a minute.

This mobile moment happened on a whim, and in a matter of seconds, went from introduction to potential sale.

  • « "I have worked with Apptify and Dan Elliott for years and the work they do is undoubtedly the best I have ever seen.” »

    - Melinda Morrow, Seattle, Washington

  • « "After many years of working together, Indispensable says it all" »

    David Dailey Auth Florence Corporation

  • « "It's so obvious you guys are several generations ahead of everybody else. »

    Tom Murawski Cleveland Rapid Transit/span>

  • « They told me what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear. It was refreshingly honest, and just what was best for the project. »

    Nate Winter, Chicago, Illinois


Enterprise Dashboard For Full Control

Full power, but far from full price.
Take control of your app, your promotions, your storefront, your business from a single admin dashboard so simple that you already know how to use it.


Edit App Content And Graphics

You can upload your own logo, banner, splash screen, texts, color scheme & text. Customize your app with your current brand identity and content. Do it yourself, or we’ll do it for you. No problem.

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Manage Promotions and Announcements

Create promotions, and coupons for products or services. Invite and sign up customers for events. Schedule appointments and manage calendars with reminders.

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Update Product, Promotions & Track Sales

Apptify is a personalized, scalable, and secure shopping experience. Accept payments through Paypal, credit card, or Cash on delivery (COD).

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Generate Push Notifications, SMS Promotions & Email Marketing.

2-way SMS, Message Scheduler, Campaign Management, Marketing Lists, Opt-in, Opt-out, Subscriber Management, Campaign Reports and Analytics, Auto-Responders, and more.

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Apptify offers the most advanced features at a price any business can afford.

It's Called Full Service For A Reason.

Once your app is built, you'll want to promote it. We've got decades of experience. Let us help!


Bringing our client’s stories to life is the passion of our creative team. We make beautiful ads, eBooks, videos, and infographics that sell. We work across categories, channels and mediums so that wherever the brand lives, it’s brought to life as a unified, inspiring and connected experience.


We build experiences that drive business growth, build online sales, and deliver retail pull-through to the always connected consumer who expects to shop when they want, where they want, from any device they want and we have the stats to prove it.


Today’s user expects a website that is more than just pretty. Today websites must be sturdy, secured and scaleable. And slow loading, lazy pages and bad search engine optimization will never be part of our plan, nor should it be part of yours.


Leverage the power of content and social media marketing to help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. Apptify is ab honest group of smart, talented people who make you, your company and your products look good at a price you can afford. Period.


Hipsters, disco, earth shoes, tie-die, big hair, 8-tracks all have been hot once, and now are not. We believe any dollar spent must have the longest life, and the greatest value. Yea, some trends come and go (think beards and tattoos), but solid creative and clean design has never once been out of vogue.


Hard to read equals hard to sell. Today the consumer is so bombarded with messages, that yours must stand out to succeed. Whether your message is delivered on mobile, on the web, in video, in print, in email or via social media, we believe nothing happens until a sale is made.


Nearly Endless Integration Options

We recognize that you've already selected your web platform.
That's good, because we think it makes perfect sense to integrate with it, instead of throwing it out.
This method means we have nearly limitless options for promotion, marketing, mcommerce, social media and security.


Pricing & Packages

Start with the basics and grow as you need. Updates and tech support are included.

From the most affordable to the most advanced, every Appture project gets 100% attention, at a fraction of the expense others charge.

It’s not cheap for cheap’s sake.

It’s priced to deliver the long term value every professional deserves regardless of their budget size or technology needs.



per month
12 mo. agreement $495/setup
  • Apple & Android Platforms
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Custom Launch Screen
  • Nine Unique Pages
  • Fully Editable Dashboard
  • Fully Configured, App Store Deployment
  • Location Maps
  • Image Gallery
  • Tech Support Included
  • Hosting Included
  • Security Suite



per month
12 mo. agreement $1495/setup
  • Unlimited App Pages
  • Call Me Button
  • Fully Editable Dashboard
  • Fully Configured, App Store Deployment
  • True Ecommerce & Reporting
  • Products by Category
  • Single Product Page
  • Product Gallery
  • Product Zoom
  • Add to Cart
  • Pay Online
  • Auto Forward Receipt
  • Calculate shipping
  • Accept coupons
  • Download or Ship Product
  • Videos Embeds
  • Multiple Image Gallery
  • Multiple Video Gallery
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Integration
  • Shopping Cart
  • App Tour
  • Push Notifications & SMS
  • Location Map
  • Apple & Android Platforms
  • Tech Support Included
  • Hosting Included
  • Security Suite

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